7 websites that are indispensable for web developers

1 December 2018 6 By Administrator

1. w3c.org

w3c.org is the internet organization that ensures the standards of the Internet for a longer period of time. On the website of w3c.org you can also find a lot of information that is interesting for web developers.

Furthermore there are very useful code validators can be found on this website.

w3c.org information


2. w3schools

If you want to learn how to build websites yourself using programming code, the website of w3schools is the perfect website. Here you will find the best tutorials for all programming codes available for the internet.

The most important two are:

With HTML and CSS you can build static websites. with static in this case is meant that no interaction can be performed on the pages.

You can also learn to make your website dynamic so that visitors can interact on your website. Think for example of login systems, responding or a photo gallery.
If you want to make your website more interesting by making it dynamic, then the following two scripting languages are interesting:

w3schools tutorials for webdevelopers




3. HTML special characters

If you use special characters in HTML, then it can happen that the web browser displays this character as a question mark. You can solve this by using the special codes developed for HTML.
On this web page you will find a large overview with codes for special characters.

special characters html

special characters


4. stack Overflow

Stackoverflow is a large and a very good forum site for web developers. If you encounter problems while encoding your website, you can always rely on stack overflow.
If you can not find the solution to your problem here, you can always ask a question on stack overflow.

stack overflow forum



5. Google SEO

If you have your own website, you want this website to be found in search engines.
You can use SEO here. SEO stands for search engine optimizations.
Google has a tutorial on how to best optimize your website for search engines.

google search optimizations

Google search engine optimazations

6. codepen

This online code editor is a very fun and useful tool to share your code. You can also go here to find code or solutions that you want to use on your own website.

codepen online source editor


7. Get bootstrap

bootstrap is an HTML model that you can use to create responsive websites.
A responsive website is a website that is suitable for every device on which your website can be viewed.
Your website automatically adjusts to the size of the screen.

get bootstrap



8. webdesign assistant

For a complete and larger overview go to the homepage of this website.

webdesign assistant overview