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Photo viewer

With this script you can present a collection of images on your web page.
This script is not suitable for devices smaller than 600 pixels.

javascript photo viewer
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A simple script that you can use to hide text or make text visible.

javascript select active item
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Select item

Select a active item using classes.

javascript select item
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Responsive photo slider

a photo slider that is suitable for all types of devices. The dimensions of the photos adjust automatically.

javascript back to top
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HSLA colorpicker

This script is useful and easy to use for web developers.

javascript colorpicker
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Back to top button

Click on the button to return back on the top of the page.

javascript back to top
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On off button

A simple script to switch something on or off.

javascript on off button
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Image zoom in

Click on the image to make it larger.

javascript image zoom
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